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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdisplaydi‧splay1 /dɪˈspleɪ/ ●●● S3 W2 AWL noun [countable]  1 ATTRACTIVE ARRANGEMENTobjectsAVSHOW/LET somebody SEE something an arrangement of things for people to look at or buydisplay of a superb display of African masks a dazzling display (=very good display) of flowers The window display caught her eye. display cases containing old photographs2 PERFORMANCEentertainmentAPSHOW/LET somebody SEE something a public performance of something that is intended to entertain people a fireworks displaydisplay of a display of juggling3 on display4 display of affection/emotion/aggression etc5 EQUIPMENTon equipmentTCTD a part of a piece of equipment that shows information, for example a computer screen This time the display flashed a red warning signal.COLLOCATIONSadjectivesa fine/magnificent/spectacular/dazzling display (=a very good one)The museum has a magnificent display of silver.a window display (=in the window of a shop)I stopped to look at something in the window display.a special displayThere was a special display of local photographs.a floral display (=of flowers)The village has won an award for its floral displays.verbscreate a displayShe created an award-winning display at the national garden show.display + NOUNa display case/cabinet (=small cupboard with a glass front)There was a display case full of medals.a display boardSome schools have a display board with photographs of all the staff.a display stand (=table with shelves etc used for showing things to the public)A lot of companies had impressive display stands in the conference hall.
Examples from the Corpus
displaya display of Shona sculpture from Zimbabwea display of strengthThe London dealers have just been through and the carefully arranged display is now a scene of devastation.The outputs are used to directly drive an l.e.d. display, with the l.e.d.s arranged in series pairs as shown.The festival of Lucia is a dazzling display of the art, music and dance of an ancient culture.Excellent displays show how animals and plants are displaced by urban growth and the consequences of pollution.But luck was replaced by pluck and you won't see a finer display of it than last night.They held a spectacular firework display to mark the new millennium.The photographic display called Stolen Glances examines the way in which lesbians have been represented in film, fiction and erotica.Whether they were intended for public display is in doubt.Ian never did like public displays of affection.All 44 patients with chronic type B hepatitis had pre-S1 and pre-S2 display in the liver.The standard television display, a low-resolution video image, has not changed in 30 years.The store's window display is the idea of designer David Wolfgang.display casesThey take up every available wall space in the hallway, sandwiched between display cases, squeezed between doorways.The Edwardian display cases containing apparatus whereby Boyle's Law could be proven beyond all reasonable doubt, veritably twinkled.For the Texas run, new display cases were built as part of a renegotiated contract.The men then cleaned out display cases of jewelry and fled.In two of the cottages he could see glass-fronted rifle display cases.The same display cases, the same carrot-haired woman behind the cash register.He ignored both the display cases and the safe which was concealed behind a framed eighteenth-century engraving of the City of London.The glory of the chapel, however, rests in the contents of the display cases.