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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfinalefi‧na‧le /fɪˈnɑːli $ fɪˈnæli/ noun [countable]  APMAPthe last part of a piece of music or of a show, event etc the finale of a Broadway show a game with a dramatic finalegrand finale (=very impressive end to a show) The fireworks were the grand finale of the ceremonies.
Examples from the Corpus
finaleA civilized finale for those who have played out their dreams.Read in studio A military operation involving four thousand servicemen has ended with a dramatic finale over Salisbury Plain.For the grand finale there was a marching band and fireworks.The predominant color of the two-part finale, Move, Members, Move is yellow.One More Angel in Heaven and the rousing finale with its two-part harmony were musical highlights.He suffered the injury in the regular-season finale at Houston when he landed awkwardly on his left foot.The golfing correspondents of newspapers and magazines from all over the world had gathered for the finale.In the big second-subject melody of the finale he is broader than most, but sustains his speed with moving results.The finale of Beethoven's ninth symphony is really magnificent.The finale feels merely unfortunate, not devastating.grand finaleAmong the entertainments on offer are amusements, a band parade, stalls, sports and a grand finale fireworks display.And mine came as a grand finale at the firm.Dry ice was also pumped into the room as a grand finale.Squibbing displays provide a grand finale.It is usually reserved for the grand finale, after the singing and preaching have induced a receptive mood.Maybe Carolyn says that this was merely the grand finale.She wouldn't be required until the grand finale in the late afternoon, and for that she gave thanks.The grand finale was accompanied by fireworks.The grand finale is a celebration.