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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhigh wireˈhigh wire noun [countable usually singular]  APa tightly stretched rope or wire high above the ground that someone walks along as part of a circus performance syn tightrope
Examples from the Corpus
high wireOliver tied the team to a stump and led her across as if it were as dangerous as a high wire.It was designed as a safety net, but in many respects it has now become a high wire for farmers.Below Manescu saw a complex of concrete buildings and a circular tower block surrounded by a high wire fence.There were a few lorry trailers parked there, a high wire fence along one side, nothing more.The ball flew high and wide of Judy and over the high wire fence behind her.Skinny tightrope walkers, feet weighted with fishing sinkers, traversed the high wire.Former Blue Peter presenter, Peter Duncan, treads the high wire.Like Karl Wallenda in his prime, they walk the high wire with no fear of falling.