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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmimemime1 /maɪm/ noun  [countable, uncountable]AP the use of movements to express what you want to say without using words, or a play where the actors use only movements The children learn through role-play, dance and mime. They will perform a short mime later. a professional mime artist
Examples from the Corpus
mimeI peer through the window to the side of the door and a mime is in progress, a woman energetically vacuuming.We expect reality but mime is not bound by such limitations.Clark is wonderful in the role, which is mostly mime and dance.One performer did a silly mime during the overture.Her authoritative performance made the superb mime and rhythms invigorating to watch.This mime of his never failed to invoke my deep defensiveness with regard to all things Kip.They suggest approaching the average and below-average children through mime, dance and personal composition.There was mime and a resolutely modern organ piece one evening, between announcements and prayers.mime artistThis area is always full of interest: mime artists, solo guitarists and full-blown jazz bands entertain the passing public.