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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnarrationnar‧ra‧tion /nəˈreɪʃən $ næ-, nə-/ noun [countable, uncountable]  1 AMAPa spoken description or explanation which is given during a film, play etc2 formalTELL the act of telling a story
Examples from the Corpus
narrationThe author combines narration, journal entries, and letters in the novel.The concentrated pathos of her narration, and the clarity with which she conveys its crippling effects on Blanche, is breathtaking.Your method of narration is likely to be different in a short story.The process of narration involves an interpretation of these past events in light of other events that have been experienced since.Shakespeare's narration has an excess of artifice and circumlocution.The dynamic level is quite low, so it makes a good background to a spoken narration or a solo singer.Gerson did the narration for Disney's "Cinderella."The narration alternates personal observation and historical facts to cynical effect.As this application has video with narration, however, you do need to specify the sound card you will be using.