Date: 1300-1400
Language: Anglo-French
Origin: performer, from Old French perfournir, from fournir 'to complete'


per‧form S3 W2
1 [intransitive and transitive]AP to do something to entertain people, for example by acting a play or playing a piece of music:
Chenier and the band are performing at the Silver Palace tomorrow.
The children perform two plays each school year.
! To talk about playing a particular part in a play, film etc, use play not perform: John Wayne played (NOT performed) a Roman soldier in the film.
2 [transitive] to do something, especially something difficult or useful [= carry out]:
Surgeons performed an emergency operation.
The official opening ceremony was performed by Princess Margaret.
perform a study/experiment/analysis etc
An analysis of the survey data was performed.
perform a task/job/duty
She was fired for not performing the duties outlined in her contract.
perform a function/role
software that performs a specific function
The leadership cannot be expected to perform miracles (=improve a situation in a way that seems impossible).

perform well/badly etc

a) to work or do something well, badly etc [↪ underperform]:
Many religious schools perform well academically.
The team performed poorly on Saturday.
b) if a product, business etc performs well or badly, it makes a lot of money or very little money:
The economy is performing well.

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