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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpresentationpre‧sen‧ta‧tion /ˌprezənˈteɪʃən $ ˌpriːzen-, -zən-/ ●●○ S3 noun  1 give prize [countable]GIVE the act of giving someone a prize or present at a formal ceremony the presentation ceremony Dr Evans thanked him for coming to make the presentations.presentation of the presentation of prizes2 talk [countable]DESCRIBE an event at which you describe or explain a new product or idea We will begin a series of presentations to help the public fully understand our system.make/give a presentation I’m going to ask each of you to make a short presentation.see thesaurus at speech3 way of saying/showing [uncountable]SHOW/LET somebody SEE something the way in which something is said, offered, shown, or explained to otherspresentation of desktop devices for the presentation of information the presentation of evidence4 proof [uncountable]SHOW/LET somebody SEE something when you show something to someone so that it can be checked or consideredpresentation of the presentation of the identity documentson presentation of something Club members will be admitted on presentation of their membership cards.5 performance [countable]APPERFORM the act of performing a playpresentation of I went to see the National Theatre’s presentation of Arthur Miller’s ‘The Last Yankee’. 6 baby [countable, uncountable] medicalMB the position in which a baby is lying in its mother’s body just before it is born a breech presentation7 presentation copypresentational adjective
Examples from the Corpus
presentationI was supposed to be giving a presentation that morning to some colleagues from the Japanese division.Instead I gave Frank the entire presentation.He loved to have an audience, to have customers to make presentations to, and to close the deal.He'd spent years tied to drum machines and Portostudios, crafting songwriting ideas but without finding the perfect format of presentation.Our presentation was followed by about two hours of discussion.The human factor also looms large in Bamford's presentation of the agency's strengths and weaknesses.Incidentally, Chandos have greatly improved the presentation of their Collect series.To speed up publication the presentations have been used unaltered so the book lacks a coherent style or structure.The presentation went extremely well, with almost all of the audience requesting further information about our proposals.Bear's Cafe needs to pay more attention to presentation and taste.We blamed the lawyers for a weak presentation of the case.presentation ofMost Scouts were there for the presentation of the awards.Thompson has the lead role in the Children's Theater presentation of "Annie."The tourist card is issued upon presentation of proof of U.S. citizenship.make/give a presentationBehring and Seattle officials will both make presentations.There was one woman who presented a story about how nervous she felt giving a presentation to the board.Maryse Leclair is giving a presentation with two others on the lectern at the front of the class.As evidence of the state of corporate confusion, I am frequently asked to give presentations to individual corporations.Hewlett-Packard asks customers to make presentations describing their needs to its engineers.He loved to have an audience, to have customers to make presentations to, and to close the deal.How to make presentations, by Lynne Oliver and Sandra Shaw.The normal fears everyone experiences prior to making a presentation dissolved.on presentation of somethingPayments are made to the exporter by the bank on presentation of documents certifying compliance with the original contract.Pay the full price and you will be refunded at the door, on presentation of a valid card.Focus on presentation of work, focus on meaning of work.