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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishproducerpro‧duc‧er /prəˈdjuːsə $ -ˈduːsər/ ●●● W3 noun [countable]  1 APsomeone whose job is to control the preparation of a play, film, or broadcast, but who does not direct the actorstelevision/film/theatre producer Hollywood producers and movie stars2 (also record producer) someone whose job is to organize and direct the recording and production of a record3 SGBBTa person, company, or country that makes or grows goods, foods, or materialsconsumerproducer of South Carolina is the fourth largest producer of tobacco.coffee/wine/car etc producer leading oil producers
Examples from the Corpus
producerThis radically affected the position of the writer, the scholar and the artist as producers.Indeed, the reason you need talented and well-trained people is so they can be producers, not just processors.Japan is the biggest producer of stereo equipment.One thing is for certain - the role of the independent producer is secured.Many producers are being forced to cut costs and use cheaper materials.OPEC is an organization of 13 major oil producers.record producer Michael FineBut the producers who sent the material regarded it as waste and paid for it to be taken off their hands.Release of the producer price index and consumer price indexes will follow, she said.It turns out the producer had bought the book for his son and saw the letter.Shoot the producer of that one.In such circumstances, the defence will not, of course, be available to the producer of the larger product. 6.television/film/theatre producerAnd Mellor willingly accepted her lavish hospitality - even though he was Arts Minister at the time and she was a film producer.The work carried out is in demand from film and television producers.It was the first opportunity for the second-term congressman and former television producer to address a national political convention.Can this tightly-controlled society churn out inspired film producers?No theatre producer could have dreamed up a more dramatic introduction.The film producer Sam Goldwyn was informed that an actress contracted to his studio had had a baby.The film producers retired to Hollywood for a massive job of editing.coffee/wine/car etc producerNevertheless, there are reports Costa Rica will ask coffee producers to suspend exports temporarily to shore up prices.The smallest coffee producers, mostly sub-Saharan countries, are at the sharp end of fluctuations in price.At the other extreme a number of specialist car producers have come to dominate the luxury end of the car market.Passing the tax on to the car producer, the steel is sold for 230.The car producer converts the steel into a car costing 3200.The car producer has a value added or net output of 3000 and pays 15 percent or 450 in tax.Union leaders and workers were ecstatic at the deal, which will see Rover continue as a mass volume car producer.