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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpromptprompt1 /prɒmpt $ prɑːmpt/ ●●○ W3 verb  1 [transitive]PERSUADE to make someone decide to do somethingprompt somebody to do something What prompted you to buy that suit?2 CAUSE[transitive] to make people say or do something as a reaction The decision prompted an outcry among prominent US campaigners.3 [transitive]REMIND/MAKE somebody REMEMBER to help a speaker who pauses, by suggesting how to continue ‘I can’t decide, ’ said Beatrice. ‘Decide what?’ prompted Marlon.4 [transitive] to ask someone to do something on a computer A message will appear which will prompt you for certain information.5 [intransitive, transitive]APREMIND/MAKE somebody REMEMBER to remind an actor of the next words in a speech→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
promptNews of the scandal prompted a Senate investigation.But even that didn't prompt any bids.The review was prompted by a spate of jail suicides.Presence of an osmolal gap should prompt further investigation as to its cause.That has prompted investors to demand ratings from more issuers of debt and to take the ratings more seriously.What prompted that remark?His job is to prompt the actors when they forget their lines.And he prompted the discovery of the Tramway, so establishing a permanent performing space.The manager prompts the subordinate to carry out a personal audit.But strange occurrences prompt them each to wonder whether Xorandor's progeny may not again be interfering with human activities.Most of the children knew their lines so the director didn't need to prompt very much.The opening screen will prompt you to create a new connection and give it a name.prompt somebody to do somethingWhat exactly prompted him to call you in the middle of the night?The decision prompted steel workers to strike.It was reading his book that prompted me to write to him.