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publicpublic2 ●●● S2 W2 noun  1 the public2 in public3 [singular, uncountable]APLISTEN the people who like a particular singer, writer etc He is adored by his public. The theatre-going public are very demanding.GRAMMAR: Singular or plural verb?Public is usually followed by a singular verb: The public needs to be better informed.In British English, you can also use a plural verb: The public need to be better informed.
Examples from the Corpus
publicNo Press appeals were made for assistance from the general public.This task it has admirably fulfilled, becoming very popular with the general public.The general public are, on the whole, pretty conservative about education.He goes out of his way to make sure his public is satisfied.It recognised the power and the autonomy of the public as a force to be reckoned with; predicted but never ignored.But he says just as worrying, is the string of unjustified complaints made against him by members of the public.As for why the public embraced it?