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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishraconteurrac‧on‧teur /ˌrækɒnˈtɜː $ -kɑːnˈtɜːr/ noun [countable] formal  AMAPsomeone who is good at telling stories in an interesting and amusing way
Examples from the Corpus
raconteurAs a raconteur and conversationalist, scattering indiscretions and gossip with gay abandon, he was the acme of unconventionality.Like many Pentecostal preachers he was an accomplished raconteur.Although he sometimes rounded the rough edges off the truth, he remained an amusing raconteur and lively company.Baseball raconteur Bill Rigney is holding court at a window table.A colourful raconteur, his adventures would make a feature film I would pay money to see.Dave, garrulous, a bit tipsy, was a natural raconteur.Once he gets going, there is no stopping this longtime Chicago talk-show host, sports commentator, actor, professional raconteur.Elizabeth: Oh, he was fabulous, he was a wonderful raconteur.