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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishroadshowroad‧show /ˈrəʊdʃəʊ $ ˈroʊdʃoʊ/ noun [countable]  APTRAVELa group of people who travel around the country entertaining the public, advertising, or providing a service
Examples from the Corpus
roadshowCaldor's managers will soon begin a roadshow to promote the company to investors.Bookshop roadshows were organised to improve contact with schools of architecture in the region.Downstairs there's ladies' keep fit in one room and the William Hague roadshow in another.A new concept in corporate hospitality is roadshows.But the miners' roadshow didn't work.If clients have restrictions on time spent out of the office, roadshows provide an interesting solution.It's a favourite because it reminds me of the most exciting part of political campaigning: the roadshow.Tomorrow in Health Works we reveal the roadshow timetable.