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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsafety netˈsafety net noun [countable]  1 APa large net that is placed below an acrobat who is performing high above the ground, in order to catch them if they fall2 HELPa system or arrangement that exists to help you if you have serious problems or get into a difficult situationsafety net for State support should provide a safety net for the very poor.
Examples from the Corpus
safety netIt was designed as a safety net, but in many respects it has now become a high wire for farmers.The Senate leader does have a safety net of sorts for the weeks ahead.The Endangered Species Act is a safety net that comes into play when other environmental and conservation laws have failed.Welfare provides a safety net for people who are unable to work.If share prices fall over that time, a safety net guarantees you will get your money back.However, States said the new program is providing a better safety net for the drought-plagued wheat growers of the Great Plains.Another is a type of safety net that in 1986 was made mandatory on all construction sites.The state intervenes as a last resort or safety net when parenting leads to dangerous or inadequate levels of child care.If the partner continues working, the couple may have to survive on an income below the statutory safety net.