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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishshow businessˈshow ˌbusiness (also showbiz informal) noun [uncountable]  AMAPPERFORMthe entertainment industry, for example television, films, popular theatre etcin show business Phyllis always wanted to be in show business. The restaurant is always full of show business personalities.
Examples from the Corpus
show businessThere were great discussions especially among show business and literary figures, about the legalization of pot.Q: How do your friends feel about you being in show business?Or that the hardest-working man in show business is also a tortured artist?I finally found Martin Clunes, the most mobile mouth in show business, lurking behind a large moustache.He's celebrating 50 years in show business.I want them to realize that this is show business.Ken was a veritable factory of show business activity.It was back to show business, as if the scandal had ever really left it.