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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishslapstickslap‧stick /ˈslæpˌstɪk/ noun [uncountable]  APFUNNYhumorous acting in which the performers fall over, throw things at each other etc a slapstick comedy
Examples from the Corpus
slapstickShe appropriated slapstick and hyperbole to the delicious purpose of lampooning the fathead who made her life miserable.Except for very basic slapstick, humour travels uncertainly. 4.Fate seemed determined to translate his dramatic mission into slapstick.Much of the comedy is slapstick and loaded with black slang.That's why nuclear war is so frightening - like slapstick.Repetitive slapstick, it has the charm of earliest documentary film.And I don't think slapstick is funny.He is playful, too, managing the difficult manoeuvre of translating wit into sound without resorting to slapstick.