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stand-upˈstand-up1, standup /ˈstændʌp/ adjective [only before noun]  1 APstand-up comedy involves one person telling jokes alone as a performance a stand-up comedian2 STANDa stand-up meeting, meal etc is one in which people stand up We had a stand-up buffet.3 VIOLENTa stand-up fight, argument etc is one in which people shout loudly at each other or are violent If it came to a stand-up fight, I wouldn’t have a chance.4 VERTICALable to stay upright a photo in a stand-up frame a stand-up collar stand up at stand1
Examples from the Corpus
stand-upHe ate fried cabbage in stand-up cafes.Robert Benchley, a writer turned stand-up comedian who pioneered television-type comedy in his short films.Or a president of the Board of Supervisors whose real job is stand-up comedy.Other tales that make up the show are obviously fictional: the stuff of stand-up comedy.Successive personnel managers had always caved in to his demands as they knew full well that Clasper would win a stand-up fight.There are a few songs but mostly the show follows the stand-up format.a stand-up mirrorBest stand-up performance:! off!People paid $100 each to hear Quayle speak at a stand-up reception.If there were tragedy clubs at which people came to watch stand-up tragedians, Mr Brown would be a star.