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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsuperstarsu‧per‧star /ˈsuːpəstɑː $ -pərstɑːr/ noun [countable]  AMAPan extremely famous performer, especially a musician or film actorsee thesaurus at star
Examples from the Corpus
superstarTo me a leader would have to be a superstar.Nervous' I didn't want to be a superstar, I just wanted to be able to play well.Janet Jackson became a superstar largely because of her exciting music videos.I lay no claim to being a superstar.It tells me that he is a superstar, a league star.The Brit athletics superstar found Olympic gold in the heptathlon after two days of severe punishment.Becks takes over from Hollywood idol Bruce Willis, confirming his status as a global superstar.Hocky superstar Wayne Gretzky played for L.A. before retiring.Often she will be able to sleep with rising superstars and juvenile celebrities who will profess love but never contemplate marrying her.The superstar took over the lakeside complex at Snagov as he prepares for a sell-out concert in Bucharest tomorrow.