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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbudgerigarbud‧ge‧ri‧gar /ˈbʌdʒərɪɡɑː $ -ɡɑːr/ noun [countable] British English formal  HBPDHPa budgie
Examples from the Corpus
budgerigarShe must get a cat or a budgerigar, or even a goldfish.This low level pixel oriented approach obviously makes sense for complex images with no formal structure, such as budgerigars.A niece of Miss Vine's bought her a new budgerigar.A pet budgerigar, lost half-a-mile from its home, was returned to its owner.They made their way to the kitchen, where Miss Vine was sitting on a chair beside the budgerigar cage.She opened the gate of Number 10, the terraced house of Miss Vine, whose budgerigar was unwell.