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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbunnybun‧ny /ˈbʌni/ (also bunny rabbit) noun (plural bunnies) [countable]  DHPa word for a rabbit, used especially by or to children
Examples from the Corpus
bunnyThat includes marshmallow ducks, chocolate bunnies, cream-filled eggs and 13. 5 billion jelly beans.Among them was a small cuddly bunny wrapped in a plastic bag against the overnight rain.You had enough bunny just now ... so answer me.Better-known candidates fell by the wayside, but Alexander kept going, like the indefatigable bunny in battery advertisements.A little bunny seemed harmless enough.Where you going you funny little bunny.Donkeys and dyed sheep and popup bunnies.By the way, you are one sick bunny.