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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcolliecol‧lie /ˈkɒli $ ˈkɑːli/ noun [countable]  collie.jpg HBADHPa middle-sized dog with long hair, kept as a pet or trained to control sheep
Examples from the Corpus
collieA collie on a leash nipped me on the heel, going through the skin.However, such restrictive exercise would not satisfy the ethological requirements of breeds such as dalmatians, dobermanns and collies.A huge, beautiful collie in his luxuriant prime, mouth gaping, tongue lolling, eyes staring lifelessly at nothing.A border collie mix, she explodes with energy.A rough-coated collie called Tip, he was offered to me by some relatives down the dale whilst I still had Chip.Then Jess - collie from Canine Defence, had to be put down eventually.A Smithfield is a leggy type of collie of the sort that bullock drovers used when working cattle half a century ago.Some will be smooth-coated, after the greyhound, while others will be rough-coated, after the collie.