Topic: PETS

Date: 1400-1500
Language: French
Origin: domestique, from Latin domesticus, from domus 'house'


1 adjective
do‧mes‧tic1 W2
1SAN relating to or happening in one particular country and not involving any other countries
domestic market/economy/demand etc
the booming domestic economy
US foreign and domestic policy
our nation's domestic affairs
Domestic flights (=flights that stay inside a particular country) go from Terminal 1.
2 [only before noun]SSF relating to family relationships and life at home:
Unfortunately his domestic life wasn't very happy.
domestic tasks/chores/responsibilities etc
Nowadays there is more sharing of domestic chores.
families that can afford domestic help (=help with cleaning, washing etc)
an organization that supports women facing domestic violence (=violence in a family, especially from a husband to his wife)
3DH used in people's homes:
a new tax on domestic fuel
domestic appliances such as washing machines
4DH someone who is domestic enjoys spending time at home and is good at cooking, cleaning etc:
No, I'm not very domestic.
5TADHP [only before noun] a domestic animal lives on a farm or in someone's home:
domestically adverb:
domestically produced coal

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