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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishleashleash1 /liːʃ/ ●○○ noun [countable] especially American English  1 DHPa piece of rope, leather etc fastened to a dog’s collar in order to control it syn lead British Englishon/off a leash At her side on a leash trotted a small grey dog. Never leave your dog off the leash outside a store.2 keep/have somebody on a leash
Examples from the Corpus
leashA collie on a leash nipped me on the heel, going through the skin.Others walked the retrievers, using spring-driven leashes.The same electronic system that provides flexibility to care for children or elderly parents at home can function as an electronic leash.An extendable leash may be helpful at this stage.I then attached a ring to this line and connected it to Dawn's leash.Barnabas pulled the leash from my hand yesterday afternoon, and raced into your yard.Here the choke chain is relaxed, Note that the leash itself is held in your right hand.The leash was dragging and it was stepping on the leash and would stop.on/off a leashA collie on a leash nipped me on the heel, going through the skin.Usually it takes about three or four weeks and then we can start going off leash.The little springer spaniel mix is house-broken, and she walks alongside you if you put her on a leash.He should learn to give better tips and keep his loins on a leash.As a result, it will not be safe to allow it out on a leash for another month.There are times when the media needs to be put on a leash.It was one of those little rats on leashes that lead women around Paris, yapping.