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muzzlemuzzle2 verb [transitive]  1 PREVENTto prevent someone from saying what they think in public syn gag an attempt by the government to muzzle the country’s media2 DHPto put a muzzle over a dog’s mouth so that it cannot bite people→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
muzzleHe reeled away as Barnabas was dragged into the back seat and muzzled.The people might be made to kneel, but the elements were not quite so easy to muzzle.The Arab avant-garde was carefully muzzled and its rowdiest members sent off, willingly or unwillingly, to London and Paris.Democracy activists have been effectively muzzled by these tough new laws.Newspapers had been muzzled by wartime censorship.Against this background, the muzzling of 16 reformist newspapers can only be seen as an assault on popular sovereignty.Attempts to muzzle the country's media have failed.Frequently, employees are muzzled, threatened with dismissal or fired.That is why the politicians want to muzzle us and control what we write and you read.