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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishspanielspan‧iel /ˈspænjəl/ noun [countable]  DHPHBAa type of dog with long ears that hang down
Examples from the Corpus
spanielPete gagged Donald with an apron that had a picture of a spaniel on it.Gazing at her in the hall was the stuffed body of Grandpa's black clumber spaniel, Pickwick.He would spirit me away, to a home on the Mainland complete with plush carpet and a cocker spaniel pup.My father bred cocker spaniels, and these endearing animals were very much part of our childhood.The cocker spaniel puppy stopped abruptly, then eyed the spinning leaf overhead.Occasionally we had lunch at Felix au Port with Yvonne and her golden spaniel, Sandy.The little springer spaniel mix is house-broken, and she walks alongside you if you put her on a leash.