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waterwater2 ā—ā—ā—‹ verb šŸ”Š šŸ”Š 1 plant/land [transitive]TAWATER if you water plants or the ground they are growing in, you pour water on them šŸ”Š Will you water my houseplants while Iā€™m away? šŸ”Š The garden needs watering daily.2 ā†’ your eyes water3 animal [transitive]TADHP to give an animal water to drink šŸ”Š Have the horses been fed and watered?4 river [transitive] technicalSGWATER if an area is watered by a river, the river flows through it and provides it with water šŸ”Š Colombia is watered by several rivers. Grammar Water is usually passive in this meaning.5 weaken [transitive] (also water down)DFDWATER to add water to a drink to make it less strong ā†’ water something ā†” downā†’ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
waterā€¢ Chopping onions always makes my eyes water.ā€¢ After a tour of the facilities, our guests were fed and watered.ā€¢ The plain is watered by the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.ā€¢ Would you mind watering my plants while I'm away?ā€¢ Could you water my plants while I'm gone?ā€¢ Many farmers use low-flying aircraft to water their crops.ā€¢ During the drought, residents were barred from watering their gardens, or washing their cars.ā€¢ Make sure you water this summer.ā€¢ Cory Selliker, his eyes watering under the brim of his black Earnhardt cap, heard Marchman's advice to let go.