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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishworrywor‧ry1 /ˈwʌri $ ˈwɜːri/ ●●● S1 W2 verb (worried, worrying, worries)  1 be anxious [intransitive]WORRIED to be anxious or unhappy about someone or something, so that you think about them a lotworry about I worry about my daughter. You’ve really got no need to worry about your weight.worry (that) She worried that she wasn’t doing enough to help.worry over Dad worries over the slightest thing. Don’t tell Mum about this – she’s got enough to worry about (=she already has a lot of problems or is very busy).GRAMMAR: Prepositions with worryYou worry about someone or something: Don’t worry about me.They worry about the cost.If you worry over something, you spend a lot of time worrying about it: She worries over how to help him. Don’t say: worry for something 2 don’t worry3 make somebody anxious [transitive]WORRIED to make someone feel anxious about something The recent changes in the Earth’s climate are beginning to worry scientists. I didn’t tell Mum and Dad – I didn’t want to worry them.what worries me is .../the (only) thing that worries me is ... The only thing that worries me is the food. I don’t want to get food poisoning.it worries somebody that/how/when Doesn’t it worry you that Sarah spends so much time away from home?worry yourself (=feel anxious, especially when there is no need to) You’re worrying yourself unnecessarily.4 not to worry5 nothing to worry about6 annoy [transitive]ANNOY to annoy someone syn bother The heat didn’t seem to worry him.7 animal [transitive]TADHP if a dog worries sheep, it tries to bite or kill them worry at something→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
worryThere was nothing to worry about: if there had been, the fuzz would have come in with a warrant.I was really worried about it at the time.No, the Polk County chairman for Forbes is worried about something entirely nonpolitical: the weather.Legislative opponents worried about the possibility of more initiative campaigns, however, and the September plan was dropped.In reality, Arum has little to worry about.On the contrary it would merely increase their anxiety level, even if there was nothing to worry about.I don't know what you're worrying about.Theo was asked not to worry, and not to tell anyone unless forced.He began to worry he might lose his job.Mom, stop worrying. I'll be fine.What worries me is the difference in age between Rosie and her boyfriend.One thing that worried me was that information had been leaked to the press.The rise in housing costs worries most young families.Use this to your advantage by scanning the papers for any major police search, then target the worried relatives.The changes in the Earth's climate began to worry some scientists.Mr Davenport now worries that re-engineering is passing from a fad to a cliché.I was worried that Shannon was too small, but the doctor says she's fine.Don't worry, there's plenty of time.My husband worries when I'm late home from work.Doesn't it worry you that Stephen spends so much time away from home?"Why didn't you tell me?" "I didn't want to worry you."worry aboutState Trooper McNamara reassures her that she has nothing to worry about because there are police there already.Don't worry about filing those invoices right now.He stopped worrying about him anyway.He was predestined for the London office, I later learned, and not terribly worried about his career.There are plenty of real dangers to worry about instead.They can come in for a meal or a show and not have to worry about last trains, or driving back.She was 20 and worried about missing a year of skating.Doctors still have a few worries about the effectiveness of the treatment.Fran worries too much about the way she looks.Though the girls loved the game, after a while he started worrying about what other people might think.More than anything else I think I was worried about what other people would say if I failed.worry yourselfAnd that was a joke, because I was half-dead with worry myself.I don't think we need to worry ourselves about people being offended.I ought to be in bed, he thought, not worrying myself about such things.Maybe it was only that he had worried himself out.All the time Maureen was away she was worrying herself sick about Biggles.Denver had worried herself sick trying to think of a way to get Beloved to share her room.You shouldn't worry yourself so much - everything will be fine.Nutty lay awake in the small hours, worrying herself stupid.As soon as they see their names on the leaderboard they worry themselves to death until their name's gone off the board.