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postulatepos‧tu‧late2 /ˈpɒstjələt $ ˈpɑːstʃə-/ noun [countable]  formalRPBELIEVE something believed to be true, on which an argument or scientific discussion is basedhypothesispostulate of the basic postulates of Marxism
Examples from the Corpus
postulateIt is, at best, a postulate.But a postulate in a Euclidean system must be accepted in order to maintain the integrity of the whole.So many false starts, blind alleys, postulates which decayed before the end of the argument.It would be reasonable to accept any postulate that would make it more probable.Because even an idiotic postulate needs to be disproved by scientific means.a proof of Kepler's mathematical postulateFor instance, theorists of social representation have developed Durkheim's postulate that collective representations should have theoretical primacy over individual representations.Proving Koch's postulates would of course be unethical and controversy is fuelled by this lack of scientific certainty.Here Moscovici is offering a universal postulate about social psychological processes.