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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsolipsismsol‧ip‧sis‧m /ˈsɒləpsɪzəm $ ˈsɑː-, ˈsoʊ-/ noun [uncountable] technical  RPthe idea in philosophy that only the self exists or can be known
Examples from the Corpus
solipsismThese thoughts about rule-following in the mathematical case can be generalised to provide the argument against solipsism that we are looking for.What mattered, once they were committed to the huge exercise in architectural solipsism, was its completion.It was a McBealism, too, one that revealed the paradox of her solipsism.Criticisms of solipsism should therefore count as criticisms of the weak-kneed scepticism embodied in foundationalism.Sentimentality was the defining feature of old Labour's solipsism.Likewise, a pair of cozy coevolutionary symbionts embracing each other can only seem to lead to stagnant solipsism.Such solipsism came to him naturally, but he had applied himself to enhancing it as to an art of self defence.If finally I become wholly submerged in this solipsism there could be no other rational ethic for me than egoism.