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blow-upˈblow-up noun 🔊 🔊 1 [countable]TCP a photograph, or part of a photograph, that has been made larger2 [countable usually singular] American EnglishANGRY a sudden big argument or disagreement → blow up at blow1
Examples from the Corpus
blow-up• Mr O'Sullivan filled an enormous cavity completely painlessly, while a video screen showed a blow-up of the tooth being worked on.• It is possible to find safe harbor but nearly impossible to do so without a few blow-ups.• Few of us are comfortable with confrontations because they frequently lead to full-fledged blow-ups.• Walls are covered with grainy blow-ups of sleek-jawed Latin athletes.• Kirov had used his services before, to produce false papers, touch up prints or produce blow-ups from microfilm.• It was a job of the utmost precision, and even a large-scale blow-up might not reveal that it was not genuine.• But a day after the blow-up, the committee assigned to seek a compromise won a three-month reprieve.