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close-upclose-up /ˈkləʊs ʌp $ ˈkloʊs-/ noun [countable, uncountable]  TCPNEARa photograph or part of a film in which the camera seems to have been very close to the picture it tookclose-up of a close-up of her facein close-up Much of the movie is shot in close-up.
Examples from the Corpus
close-upShe brought the camera forward to get a close-up of the actor's face.I want to get a close-up of the children's faces.The placing of the head in a close-up is important.Another is a close-up of a mud-encrusted hand reaching back toward a worker at the top of a precarious twig ladder.I mean, I don't like seeing myself on camera in close-up, but then I never did.The camera pans over the players as they write, showing each one in close-up.Each butterfly had been photographed in close-up so that you could see every detail.I decided not to tell him about my close-up 0f his unguarded sleeping face.Long and medium shots, rather than close-ups, can hide bags under the eyes.I rediscovered them on the screen in the close-ups of objects which impressed and influenced me.It doesn't step outside time, but accentuates its effects and brings them into unbearable close-up.in close-upMuch of the movie is shot in close-up.