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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishemulsione‧mul‧sion /ɪˈmʌlʃən/ noun [countable, uncountable]  1 HCa mixture of liquids that do not completely combine, such as oil and water2 technicalTCP the substance on the surface of photographic film or paper that makes it react to light3 TB British English (also emulsion paint) a type of paint used inside buildings on walls or ceilings that is not shiny when it driesgloss, eggshell
Examples from the Corpus
emulsionAcrylic, emulsion and gesso grounds tend to be more absorbent than oil and alkyd grounds.Later, with faster emulsions and more efficient techniques, the populations of the cities appeared in the streets.Simultaneously with the flash, a piezoelectric plate behind the film launches a sonic pulse into the back of the film emulsion.Periodic applications of diluted fish emulsion will boost plant appearance, too.You can also alternate applications of a balanced fertilizer with applications of diluted fish emulsion.Foliar feedings of fish emulsion are said to control aphids while providing organic nutrients.The test solutions were prepared in emulsion form by vigorous agitation of the components before administration.The physicists lived for the emulsion trails and double checked to see if they were interpreting them correctly.