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flashflash2 ●●○ noun  1 light [countable]SHINE a bright light that shines for a short time and then stops shining Two flashes mean danger.flash of A flash of lightning lit up the night sky.brilliant/blinding flash a brilliant flash of light2 camera [countable, uncountable]TCP a special bright light used when taking photographs indoors or when there is not much light Did the flash go off?3 in/like a flash4 flash of inspiration/brilliance/insight/anger etc5 a flash in the pan6 bright colour/something shiny [countable]SHINE if there is a flash of something brightly coloured or shiny, it appears suddenly for a short timeflash of The bird vanished in a flash of blue.7 computer [uncountable] trademark a system of instructions for a computer that is used especially to make pictures on a website appear to move Flash animation8 look [countable] British EnglishLOOK AT a quick look – used humorously syn glimpse9 military [countable] British EnglishPM a small piece of coloured cloth worn on the shoulder of a military uniform newsflash
Examples from the Corpus
flashI think people thought in the beginning I was going to be a flash in the pan, like Tiny Tim.When a flash of lightning lit up the sky to the south we decided we'd better go now!a flash of lightningThere was a bright flash of light as the bomb exploded.As annoying as hot flashes may be, remember that menopause is a temporary condition.If one of us goes through menopause, we all suffer a collective hot flash.The mints must be hard and dry for the best results and some produce, as I have seen, impressive flashes.The muzzle flash that accompanied their arrival came from inside the house.With a terrible flash that all but blinded the onlookers the island vanished, around it the storm of magical energy.brilliant/blinding flashOver 20,000 residents are awakened by a brilliant flash of light and heat to find their city in flames.We'd only gone a short distance from the trees when suddenly we were hit by a blinding flash.Full awareness and memory returned in a blinding flash.In a blinding flash, everything fell into place.A blinding flash illuminated the darkness, and the terrible discharge of musketry resounded through the woods.Then, when it is all over ... Out of the darkness there came a single brilliant flash.The brilliant flash of wing colours in the Butterfly House are alone worth a visit.The water poured off the roofs in torrents, and thunderstorms rent the night skies with brilliant flashes of lightning.