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highlighthighlight2 ●●○ noun  1 [countable]BEST the most important, interesting, or enjoyable part of something such as a holiday, performance, or sports competitionhighlight of That weekend in Venice was definitely the highlight of our trip.highlight from At 11.30 we’ll be showing highlights from the third round of the FA Cup.2 highlights3 [countable] technicalAVPTCP a light bright area on a painting or photograph
Examples from the Corpus
highlightHighlights of the ball game will be shown later.Although it may seem expensive cost of getting to Florida, it will be a highlight of your trip.A highlight of most Alaska cruises is a day spent among the glaciers.A highlight of this performance was the contribution of the Marquis brand to the improvement in Waterford Crystal's operational profitability.Her long blonde hair seemed to come alive in the sunlight which gave it golden highlights.But to provide highlights without at least some explanation is equally so, since they are presumably meant to serve as introductions.Before the game, fans were shown highlights of the season on a large video screen.We were looking forward to seeing the pyramids, which promised to be the highlight of our trip.Compare the highlights of the recent Test series in New Zealand.The weekend in Venice was definitely the highlight of our trip.August may be the best time for hitting the highlights.The ruins of Castle Acre's Cluniac priory area one of the highlights of this section.When I was young, Christmas was the highlight of the year.The highlight of our trip was a stay at the Inn On Tomales Bay.