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negativenegative2 AWL noun [countable]  1 TCPan image on a photographic film that shows dark areas as light and light areas as dark, from which the final picture is printed black and white photographic negatives2 NOa statement or expression that means ‘no’ opp affirmativeanswer/reply in the negative formal (=say 'no') The majority of people, when asked whether or not they are creative, will reply in the negative.3 something bad or harmful opp positive The negatives outweigh the positives on this issue.4 a negative result from a chemical or scientific test opp positive The test will give a proportion of false negatives.
Examples from the Corpus
negativeI've stolen photos and negatives from the photographic laboratory.Another negative was the increase in unemployment.Thus for every 80 correctly predicted we will have 20 false negatives and 200 false positives.FoxTrax had a few built-in negatives in its debut.The search is now on for more negatives to eliminate.It helped her not to dwell on negatives and improved her role as a provider.The third negative applies in the high-technology sectors.answer/reply in the negativeNonplussed by such an odd question, Diana replied in the negative.When asked to confirm whether all the missing soldiers were accounted for, the Lieutenant answered in the negative.Workers were asked if they had reached their weekly targets, and if they replied in the negative, they were fired.In the result, each of the certified questions was answered in the negative.The majority of people, when asked whether or not they are creative, will reply in the negative.