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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishphotographpho‧to‧graph1 /ˈfəʊtəɡrɑːf $ ˈfoʊtəɡræf/ ●●● S2 W2 (also photo informal) noun [countable]  TCPPICTUREa picture obtained by using a camera and film that is sensitive to light a colour photograph a black and white photographphotograph of I wish I had a photograph of Thomas. He took a photograph of the hotel. Tim was looking through an old photograph album (=book in which you put photographs). Did you see Leo’s photograph (=a photograph of Leo) in the newspaper?THESAURUSphotograph a picture taken using a cameraVisitors are not allowed to take photographs inside the museum.our wedding photographsphoto informal a photographa way of displaying your digital photosDo you want me to take your photo?picture a photograph of someone or somethingI saw her picture in the paper the other day.This is a really good picture of Sarah.Can I take your picture?snap British English informal, snapshot especially American English a photograph that you take quickly and without thinking carefully about how it will look, for example when you are on holidayPatrick showed me his holiday snaps.She showed me a snapshot of her three children.shot informal a photograph – used especially by people who often take photographsI got some great shots of Mount Fuji.It's a lovely shot.print a photograph that has been printed on photographic papera set of 4 by 6 inch prints RegisterIn everyday English, people usually say photo or picture rather than photograph:This is my dad in this photo.Who took the picture?COLLOCATIONSverbstake a photographHe wanted to take a photograph of me.get a photograph (=take one successfully)I got some brilliant photographs of the desert.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + photographa colour photographThe book is fully illustrated with colour photographs.a black-and-white photographa digital photographa framed photographOn the desk was a framed photograph of a woman.a signed photographHe keeps a signed photograph of Bill Clinton in his office.a wedding photographYour wedding photographs will keep the memories of the big day alive for you.an aerial photograph (=one taken from a plane)Aerial photographs can be used to locate archaeological sites.faded All her life she kept a faded photograph of him in his army uniform.blurredHe was shown a blurred photograph, taken from a moving car.grainy (=with a rough, not sharp, appearance)I stared at the grainy newspaper photograph, searching for my mother.sepia (=used about a black and white photograph that has shades of brown, in a way that is typical of old photographs)an 1854 sepia photograph of Jonathan Pickering, the company founderphotograph + NOUNa photograph album (=a book in which you put photographs)Mama kept a photograph album full of pictures of her family.
Examples from the Corpus
photographAnsel Adams' photographs of the American wilderness are now worth thousands of dollars.The exhibits are surrounded by period costumes and photographs, and the show is to last until January.It's full of great colour photographs and is all about endangered animals.The first photographs should be released later in the day.My camera's fully automatic and takes really good photographs.I hate having my photograph taken.Visitors are not allowed to take photographs inside the Museum.Christine showed me a book based on their documentary and explained the captions under the photographs.The photograph is always about looking, and seeing.In this photograph, which appears in many anthologies, the chair looks bleak in its complete aloneness.Her wedding photograph showed her with a prettily plump figure.The photographer asked all the guests to stand still and pose for the wedding photograph.black-and-white photographs of the canyontook ... photographSometimes I took my camera to the beach and took photographs of some of the boats that went by.Afterwards we went outside and took photographs.Conversations with clients were tape-recorded and remote controlled 35 millimetre Olympus cameras took photographs in the bedrooms.Di Gesu took photographs until just before his death.From this he took a photograph which he passed across to Mrs Wilson.He took a photograph of the sign, on the ground in front of it.I took photographs of the birds on the cliffs.I took a photograph of Tamar out of my bag.