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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishposepose1 /pəʊz $ poʊz/ ●●○ W3 AWL verb  1 CAUSEcause problem [transitive] to exist in a way that may cause a problem, danger, difficulty etcpose a threat/danger/risk Officials claim the chemical poses no real threat.pose something to/for somebody/something The events pose a challenge to the church’s leadership. Rising unemployment is posing serious problems for the administration.2 picture [intransitive]AVTCP to sit or stand in a particular position in order to be photographed or painted, or to make someone do thispose for We posed for photographs.3 pose a question4 pose as somebody5 to impress people [intransitive]SHOW OFF to dress or behave like a rich and fashionable person in order to make other people notice you or admire youCOLLOCATIONSnounspose a threat/danger/riskThe chemical leak poses a threat to human health.pose a problemA flood of refugees could pose a serious problem for neighbouring countries.pose difficultiesPhysical education and games pose difficulties for short-sighted children.pose a challengeThe material being taught must pose a challenge to pupils.pose a dilemma (=cause a situation in which it is very difficult to decide what to do)In the future, the possibility of genetic testing on unborn children will pose a dilemma for parents. → See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
poseThese are not tremendously forceful answers to the thorny questions posed.The discrepancies between these different analyses pose a number of problems.Moving away from the camera, Alvin posed beside Rose Garden tubeworms, providing unarguable proof of dimension.In answer to a question posed by a congressman.Winning meant standing on a podium, smiling for cameras and posing for pictures.In the end, however, these drugs pose logistical difficulties for most poor countries because it is a high-maintenance therapy.Ordering and analysing the output of the mass media obviously pose particular problems.posing ... problemsIt is introducing more of the latter which is posing the biggest problems.It occupied him without posing intractable problems.In structuralist theory the language of criticism ends up posing as many problems as the language of literature.Questions like these dealing with real people with real motives and posing problems, can slowly help to develop understanding.Persistent truants, those truanting for weeks at a time, were seen as posing intractable problems for schools.pose forA group of fans wanted Romano to pose for pictures.