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posepose2 AWL noun [countable]  1 AVTCPthe position in which someone stands or sits, especially in a painting, photograph etcin a pose a painting of the Duchess in a dramatic pose Ann struck a pose (=stood or sat in a particular position) and smiled for the camera.2 SHOW OFFbehaviour in which someone pretends to have a quality or social position they do not really have, usually in order to make other people notice them or admire them Her confidence was merely a pose to hide her uncertainty.
Examples from the Corpus
poseNot all poses are suitable for everyone.On her travels she's there with a goofy grin and a different pose for every occasion.She was not a looker, but her Hard Number pose turned him on somehow.But the odds are that even those women who appear impermeable to pain are suffering great hurt behind their face-saving pose.Rather than pose it as a question of culture, however, they tackled it - often very productively - in terms of ideology.Try to experience the pose while you draw it.He shed the pose of the sophisticated lawyer and became his real self at last.struck a poseThe blonde struck a pose and fixed a tight smile on her immaculately made-up face.Lyn struck a pose with her head to one side.