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printprint2 ●●○ W3 noun  1 books/newspapers [uncountable]TCN writing that has been printed, for example in books or newspapers There was no print at all on the backs of the tickets.in print (=printed in a book, newspaper etc) It must be really exciting to see your work in print. the pleasure of seeing my name in print Very little of his poetry actually got into print (=was printed).2 be in print3 be out of print4 letters [uncountable]TCN the letters in which something is printed The book is also available in large print. The print quality of the new printer is excellent.5 the small/fine print6 mark [countable]MARK a mark that is made on a surface by something that has been pressed onto it His feet left deep prints in the soft soil.7 prints8 cloth [countable, uncountable]TIM cloth, especially cotton, on which a coloured pattern has been printed a lovely selection of floral prints She was wearing a cotton print dress.9 photograph [countable]TCP a photograph that has been produced from a film Why don’t you order an extra set of prints? a colour print10 picture [countable] a) a picture that is made by cutting lines onto a piece of metal or wood and then printing it onto paper b) a copy of a painting that is produced by taking a photograph of it and printing it onto paper
Examples from the Corpus
printSure, a print can be straightened out in the lab, but slide shows are unforgiving.Courbet intended having some of his paintings photographed and prints of these were to be sold at his private exhibition in 1855.I see your tenderness in the bureaucratic print.a floral printI don't want your dirty hand prints all over the walls.First published in 1937, the book is still in print.All he had to do, he knew, was get the thing in print.The information is available in several formats including print, CD-ROM, and from our website.A new print of "Citizen Kane" has just been released.We found a set of prints on the door.I'll order two sets of prints, and you can have one of them.Some cat left its paw prints on my car.The prints combined quality and cheapness and were produced in vast numbers.got into printYet it was not until 1612 that the little selection entitled Parthenia got into print.large printIt was spelled out in large print.Young children may need large print but should be educated to use smaller print as their reading develops.set of printsAnother set of prints was published in 1804.Next year, up to 750 primary schools will receive a different set of prints.