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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishldoce_308_asnapsnap1 /snæp/ ●●● W3 verb (snapped, snapping)  1 break [intransitive, transitive]BREAK to break with a sudden sharp noise, or to make something do this A twig snapped under my feet. The wind snapped branches and power lines.snap (something) off (something) I snapped the ends off the beans and dropped them into a bowl.snap (something) in two/in half (=break into two pieces) The teacher snapped the chalk in two and gave me a piece.see thesaurus at break2 move into position [intransitive, transitive always + adverb/preposition]XX to move into a particular position suddenly, making a short sharp noise, or to make something move like thissnap together/back etc The pieces just snap together like this. The policeman snapped the handcuffs around her wrist.snap (something) open/shut She snapped her briefcase shut.3 say something angrily [intransitive, transitive]ANGRY to say something quickly in an angry way ‘What do you want?’ Mike snapped.snap at He snapped at Walter for no reason.4 become angry/anxious etc [intransitive]CONTROL# to suddenly stop being able to control your anger, anxiety, or other feelings in a difficult situation The stress began to get to her, and one morning she just snapped. Something inside him snapped, and he hit her.5 animal [intransitive]BITE if an animal such as a dog snaps, it tries to bite yousnap at The dog started snapping at my heels. 6 photograph [intransitive, transitive] informalTCPPICTURE to take a photograph Dave snapped a picture of me and Sonia.7 snap your fingers8 snap to it9 stop [transitive] American English to end a series of events – used especially in newspapers The Rockets snapped a seven-game losing streak by beating Portland.10 snap to attention snap-on snap on/off snap out of something snap somebody/something ↔ up→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
snap"Can't you see I'm eating?" Mattie snapped.When he hit me across the face, I just snapped.As the pounding got louder and louder, suddenly Christine snapped.Her twig-thin legs seemed fit to snap.Charlotte's patience suddenly snapped.Cheaper versions are made of metal that could rust and snap.Mel snapped a picture with his pocket camera.The Rockets finally snapped a seven-game losing streak by defeating Portland.Melanie Smithson, who is accused of murdering her husband, has claimed that she snapped after years of violence and abuse.Leroy finally snapped and attacked his tormentors.The nurse snapped her fingers, and they sprang into motion.He accidentally snapped his putter in half during one tournament.As soon as the ball was snapped, I took off after them.Power lines snapped in the high winds.One hundred feet up it snapped into full canopy.The tip of the Christmas tree snapped off when it fell.Sliding them on to the desk, she snapped open her briefcase and took out her calculator.High winds snapped power lines in the city, leaving more than 9000 people without power.The cops snapped the handcuffs back onto the prisoner.But the actors snap the movie back to life with sharply observed emotion.And then holding the cigarette in front of his face he snapped the tip like some breaker of bread.He hit a rock and snapped the truck's axle.A twig snapped under his foot.One of the strings on my guitar snapped when I was tuning it.snap (something) off (something)Bernice took a few moments break from her search to reach up and snap it off.Suddenly the top of the cage snapped clean off.Would the wind snap the roof off?Then snap punch off the front fist into the opponent's face.He hit a low, snap duck-hook off the tee, which I have very seldom ever seen him do.The gusts are becoming malevolent, snapping the heads off the waves like daisies.There's no need to snap my head off this early in the morning.snap (something) open/shutHe took his gold watch out of his waistcoat pocket and snapped it open.Goldie, replete, snaps her eyes shut and is soon snoring.Cocking her head, she snapped the fan shut and pointed it at him.A police officer grabbed the phone, snapped it shut and searched Mauss.Once, in a moment of despair, he snapped his Bible shut and squashed them to a paste.With a small exclamation she snapped the book shut, but before she could get to her feet Marc glanced up.A couple of wires in his damaged wing snapped, dashing open the fabric.There's not a huge level of power available-you can snap the throttle open without feeling intimidated.snap atSean came running around the corner of the house with a small dog snapping at his heels.Pitino snapped at one reporter who approached him after the game.Every time your puppy snaps at someone, give him a smack on the butt with a rolled up newspaper.Ginger was snapping at their heels.Something ... snappedAnd finally, something inside me snapped.And the night of the murder something snapped.Something snapped in him and he hit her.I have no time for people who lose their temper with animals but something snapped in my mind then.Then something snapped inside him; all the choked up hatred he had for Luke suddenly spewed out.And then something snapped inside the little cook.