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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtime-lapseˈtime-lapse adjective  TCP[only before noun] time-lapse photography involves taking many pictures of something over a period of time and then showing them together, so that a very slow process seems to happen much faster
Examples from the Corpus
time-lapseThis induced the rapid onset of apoptosis which can be quantitated by time-lapse cinemicroscopy.Because the cells move very slowly the process is best seen when speeded up in a time-lapse film.In time-lapse films the first signs are pulsations by the cells where the gut will form.I picked up the National Geographic magazine and stared at a-series of time-lapse photographs of a blowhole in Yosemite.It promises liberal use of time-lapse photography, aerial camera work and feature-film-quality musical scores.Some first-time eaters may become alarmed as this happens, thinking they have somehow become the victim of a time-lapse photography gag.There will be rotating images on screen of some of the exhibits and a time-lapse sequence of the Vesuvian eruption.