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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtripodtri‧pod /ˈtraɪpɒd $ -pɑːd/ noun [countable]  tripod.jpg TCPa support with three legs, used for a piece of equipment, camera etc
Examples from the Corpus
tripodThe man in the middle has a tripod across his shoulder.They tumble out of campers, erect tripods and hoist arm-length lenses.These do not have the sophisticated pan-and-tilt heads of the full tripod, so they are not the complete answer.One flailing arm caught Twoflower's picture box as it skittered past on its tripod.The map tripod was set up in front of the operations tent.He tossed the tripod in after it and banged the doors shut.Hopis perform their Snake Dance surrounded by Anglos armed with tripods, in 1897.The camera is bulky, mounted on a wooden tripod.