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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunloadun‧load /ʌnˈləʊd $ -ˈloʊd/ ●○○ verb  1 vehicle/ship a) TAKE something FROM SOMEWHERE[transitive] to remove a load from a vehicle, ship etcunload something from something The driver unloaded some boxes from the back of the truck. b) [intransitive]TAKE something FROM SOMEWHERE if a ship unloads, the goods that it carries are removed from it2 get rid of something [transitive] informal a) GET RID OFto get rid of something illegal or not very good by selling it quickly Investors continued to unload technology stocks on Thursday.unload something on/onto something Hundreds of cheap videos were unloaded on the British market. b) GET RID OFto get rid of work or responsibility by giving it to someone elseunload something on/onto somebody Don’t let him unload his problems onto you.3 feelings [intransitive, transitive] American English to express strong feelings, especially anger, to someone when you are extremely upset Koch unloaded his concerns over dinner one night.unload (something) on somebody When he got back to the office, Green unloaded on his staff.4 cameraTCP [transitive] to remove the film from a camera5 gun [intransitive, transitive]PMW to remove the bullets from a gun→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
unloadHe stood quietly and watched the boxes being unloaded.Much oil and petrol is unloaded at docks along the canal, particularly for a petrochemical works at Carrington.The ship is unloading at the dock right now.Paul's job was mainly unloading cartons and stacking them.Mike climbed the steps without speaking, and unloaded his cameras and camera bag on a mat.Everything was grey, wet and colourless as we stood by the rail watching the luggage being unloaded into the custom sheds.I am anxious to unload, Mr Tyron.In recent months, Fidelity, not just Magellan, has unloaded tech stocks.Could you unload the dishwasher?Wall Street had speculated earlier this week that Kodak would unload the unprofitable unit.There was a certain way of unloading timber which made the work quite straight forward.unload something from somethingI need some help unloading the sofa from the truck.unload something on/onto somebodyBen has a habit of unloading his work on others.unload (something) on somebodyWhen he got back to the office, Green unloaded on his staff.