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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishattractat‧tract /əˈtrækt/ ●●● S2 W2 verb [transitive]  1 ATTRACTto make someone interested in something, or make them want to take part in somethingattract somebody to something What attracted me most to the job was the chance to travel.attract attention/interest etc The story has attracted a lot of interest from the media.2 be attracted to somebody3 ATTRACTto make someone like or admire something or feel romantically interested in someone I guess it was his eyes that attracted me first.4 ATTRACTto make someone or something move towards another thing Leftover food attracts flies. low rents designed to attract new businesses to the area→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
attractPoliticians still risk having affairs, knowing the massive media attention they attract.The food mixture will attract a variety of wild songbirds.The industry needs to focus on what attracts customers.Each has attracted his or her share of supporters who could also see the light once it was pointed out to them.What attracts me to the job is the salary and the possibility of foreign travel.Disney World attracts millions of tourists each year.The special low rent is designed to attract new businesses to the area.Have the children see whether the magnet will attract paper clips, coins etc.Run by qualified volunteers, the club is keen to attract people of all ages and all abilities.The drug's low price attracts school- and college-age users.I must have cried out, for I attracted the attention of my husband.Throughout his life Charles attracted the young and ambitious to his court.Souvenir stands and pawnshops and a strip club attract those tired of spending their incomes one quarter at a time.The tempo is usually fast since some programmers believe that fast-paced news programs attract younger audiences.attract attention/interest etcI badly did not want to attract attention.I mean, can't a high-profile couple get drastically different hairstyles without it attracting attention?It is still unusual enough to attract attention.Later a noted modern dancer, actress and teacher, de Lavallade began early on to attract attention.McLaren first began attracting attention about six years ago when he started contesting boundary lines in the development where he lives.The value of graphic material is to attract attention and convey information in a summarised form, e.g. cell division.At times he attracted attention by making statements that were deliberately resonant.To attract attention to your project, it is best to attach a reputable research name and talent to your proposal.