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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcentre of gravityˌcentre of ˈgravity British English, center of gravity American English noun [singular]  HPthe point in any object on which it can balance
Examples from the Corpus
centre of gravitySome 3D systems can calculate volume, weight, moments of inertia, and centre of gravity of fairly complex shapes.It did not want the political centre of gravity to shift across the river.It is defined as an average distance from the centre of gravity of a polymer coil to the chain end.Therefore a crouched position should be taken up which keeps the centre of gravity lower.Under Democrats and Republicans the centre of gravity of politics has moved steadily to the right.The centre of gravity had at last moved away from Berwick.You should feel your centre of gravity to be located down through the hips.In the same way, when running for a shot, try to keep your centre of gravity under control.