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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishconductcon‧duct1 /kənˈdʌkt/ ●●○ W2 AWL verb  1 carry out [transitive]DO to carry out a particular activity or process, especially in order to get information or prove factsconduct a survey/investigation/review etc We are conducting a survey of consumer attitudes towards organic food.conduct an experiment/a test Is it really necessary to conduct experiments on animals?conduct a campaign They conducted a campaign of bombings and assassinations.conduct an interview The interview was conducted in English. The memorial service was conducted by the Rev. David Prior. It was the first time that I had conducted business in Brazil.RegisterIn everyday English, people usually say do or carry out rather than conduct: They’re doing a survey of opinions about organic food.2 music [intransitive, transitive]APM to stand in front of a group of musicians or singers and direct their playing or singingconductorconduct an orchestra/choir The orchestra is conducted by John Williams. Who will be conducting?3 conduct yourself4 electricity/heat [transitive]HPTAKE/BRING if something conducts electricity or heat, it allows electricity or heat to travel along or through itconductor Aluminium, being a metal, readily conducts heat.5 show somebody something [transitive always + adverb/preposition] formalSHOW/LET somebody SEE something to take or lead someone somewhereconduct somebody to something On arrival, I was conducted to the commandant’s office.conducted tour (of something) (=a tour of a building, city, or area with someone who tells you about that place) a conducted tour of BerlinCOLLOCATIONSnounsconduct researchHe’s conducting educational research at the University of Washington.conduct a surveyThey conducted a survey of students’ careers one year after graduation.conduct a study/reviewScientists conducted a study of the area affected by the nuclear disaster.conduct an investigation/inquiryExperts conducted an investigation into the causes of the crash.conduct an interviewHere are a few guidelines on how to conduct an interview.conduct a campaignThe party was criticized for the way it had conducted its election campaign.conduct a test/experimentInvestigators will be conducting tests to determine how the man died.conduct a searchThe Spanish authorities conducted a nationwide search for the girl.conduct (a) businessThe company had been conducting a lot of business in Latin America. → See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
conductThe committee will conduct a thorough investigation of the bribery charges.The visitors were conducted around the factory by senior managers.The Duke Ellington Orchestra is conducted by Mercer Ellington.The data comes from a survey conducted by the company last fall.Since 1982 biennial national surveys conducted by the Office of Population Censuses and Surveys have provided valuable information on adolescent smoking behaviour.Better still, why not conduct elections by phone?Plastic and rubber won't conduct electricity, but copper will.Before Newton, people had great difficulty understanding how any metal could conduct electricity.Water is used to conduct heat away from the reactor.Y., had already conducted important preliminary research on contra supporters suspected of drug activities.He became a great fan of yours after a particularly exciting performance you conducted of Belshazzar's Feast.Bill Thomas, R-Calif., shortly before the House voted 224-187 to authorize an eight-member panel to conduct the investigation.An officer was sent to conduct the journalists around the shattered building.Specially treated copper wires conduct the signal from the amplifier to the speakers.Voter News Service, a consortium of the Associated Press and television networks, conducted the survey.All the children in the class have to conduct their own science experiments.A guide will conduct us through the museum.In addition, experiments were conducted with, and without 100 µg/ml gentamicin and 60 µg/ml nystatin in the Krebs-Henseleit.conduct an interviewGatling has become a relentless court jester, mugging, leading cheers and conducting interviews.On Wednesday morning she set off for one of the city's most distant suburbs in order to conduct an interview.Over this period I visited the school more than 30 times, chiefly to conduct interviews and attend meetings.While conducting interviews for this book, I sometimes posed the chameleon riddle to my interviewees.He has a several years of experience of conducting interviews on national identity.Journalists conduct interviews, research documents, undertake joint projects with Insight teams and hire quantitative researchers to undertake polls.At least an hour should be allowed to conduct an interview with a vulnerable elderly client, in order to begin an assessment.Publicly available data will be used rather than, at this stage, conducting interviews with business owners.conduct an orchestra/choirLeopold Stokowski conducts an orchestra which has been divided into individually-miked sections for increased clarity.conducted tour (of something)In some schools the children's toilets are included in the conducted tour for potential new parents.This is an hour-long conducted tour in an old tram car, nostalgia every inch of the way.To this latter end Mr Heseltine accompanied a busload of businessmen on a conducted tour of Liverpool.