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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishconvectioncon‧vec‧tion /kənˈvekʃən/ noun [uncountable] technical  HPthe movement in a gas or liquid caused by warm gas or liquid rising, and cold gas or liquid sinking
Examples from the Corpus
convectionConvection takes place in liquids that are hotter at the bottom than at the top.This process is much simpler and quicker than cleaning a convection oven.Figure 22.5 illustrates this, choosing the case in which the previous stage had produced bimodal convection.A single deep connection to the magma supply maintains the heat input by convection.Hence, concentration driven convection occurs in these layers.This would not be possible if convection was taking place.As for ordinary convection, this is what drives the motion.In either case, the new flow, once established, is a new pattern of steady convection.For very dilute concentrations, the convection distributed the particles uniformly throughout the tank.