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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfrequencyfre‧quen‧cy /ˈfriːkwənsi/ ●●○ noun (plural frequencies)  1 [uncountable]OFTEN the number of times that something happens within a particular period of time or within a particular group of peoplefrequency of the frequency of serious road accidentsthe high/low frequency (of something) the higher frequency of diabetes in older people Side effects from prescribed drugs are being reported with increasing frequency (=more and more often). The relative frequency of fraternal twins has halved since 1950.2 [uncountable]OFTEN the fact that something happens a lot syn regularity Businesses come and go with alarming frequency.3 [countable, uncountable] technicalTCB the number of radio waves, sound waves etc that pass any point per second This station broadcasts on three different frequencies.high/low frequency Dolphins produce a high frequency sound. the frequency range of the human ear
Examples from the Corpus
frequencyListeners used two crystal sets tuned to the corresponding frequencies.It may be possible to identify two or more teaching styles based on different frequencies of use of the activity groups.The high frequency of cases of diarrhoea is attributable to poor food hygiene.Crimes of this type are happening with increasing frequency.Divorces are being initiated with more frequency by women.The transmitter offers thousands of radio frequency coded options for maximum security.It can also be seen that there is a negligible relationship between relative frequency and coverage.In many cases such measurements may not be available with spatial and temporal sampling frequencies that meet the demands of research programmes.Since then, police have been listening in to the frequency used by the gang.The frequency with which they make them varies.The frequency of mining accidents has steadily decreased over the past 20 years.frequency ofThere is a higher frequency of diabetes in older people.We are concerned about the frequency of crime in the area.with alarming frequencyThey changed with alarming frequency and ranged from the sweet to the sadistic.Businesses come and go with alarming frequency.The matter is now closed; the explanation is plausible, it happens with alarming frequency on both sides.The Government have used the guillotine in a way that no other Government have - with alarming frequency and absolute severity.Bullets bounced off the rock with alarming frequency as he tried to get a look at the situation.high/low frequencyHigh gain is achieved at low frequencies through incorporation of several differential stages of amplification.These signals may have been less predictive of the outcome because they occurred at higher frequencies at earlier stages in the conflicts.When the cause of deafness is not solely in the outer and/or middle ear, high frequencies are likely to be affected.This gives the tape more headroom for high frequencies.Sports participants have much higher frequencies of participation than do participants in other leisure activities such as the arts.Loss of high frequencies is usually unnoticed until sounds in the speech range are involved.To excite an electron out of its bond requires high frequency radiation, falling in the ultra-violet part of the spectrum.In two developing countries, the lowest frequency of fetal mortality is at births above second but below sixth or seventh order.