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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfrictionfric‧tion /ˈfrɪkʃən/ ●○○ noun  1 DISAGREE[countable, uncountable] disagreement, angry feelings, or unfriendliness between people syn tensioncause/create friction Having my mother living with us causes friction at home.friction between the usual frictions between parents and their teenage childrenfriction with His independent attitude was a constant source of friction with his boss.2 HP[uncountable] technical the natural force that prevents one surface from sliding easily over another surface Putting oil on both surfaces reduces friction.3 RUB[uncountable] when one surface rubs against another Check your rope frequently, as friction against the rock can wear it away.
Examples from the Corpus
frictionAfter about 5 minutes, ask them to share their observations about friction with their classmates.Rapidly the temperature climbed to 5000 C as friction with the atmosphere turned the kinetic energy of the craft into heat.Water along shore and bottom is slowed by friction, while friction-free water in the center moves faster.Teenage children begin to assert their independence and this can lead to a good deal of friction in the family.Pay is a continuing source of friction with the workers.Heat can be produced by chemical reactions or friction.It would not be long before exhaustion and a lack of privacy erupted in painful friction.There has been serious friction between the two army commanders.The frictions between nations and inconsistencies in the Community have been exposed as never before.The friction that others noticed in their exchange probably rested on unspoken criticism of each other's work.Creative differences led to friction within the band.cause/create frictionThe decision caused friction between Estrada and Islas, who knew from experience that education is a ticket out of minimum-wage work.Nevertheless, several issues have caused friction in recent months.For all of them the lungs push air through a narrow opening where it causes friction of various kinds.There is a strong ethnic community and this causes friction in the community because of the lack of jobs.It's bound to cause friction, and that's not fair with Terry's wedding coming up.The conflict between Shetlanders and incomers is presumed in turn to cause friction between Shetlanders.Not wanting to cause friction with your partner is understandable, but it is worth bearing a few things in mind.Me being at work causes friction at home.