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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfusionfu‧sion /ˈfjuːʒən/ noun [countable, uncountable]  1 MIXa combination of separate qualities or ideas Her work is a fusion of several different styles. the best fusion cuisine in the whole of Vancouver2 JOIN something TOGETHERa physical combination of separate thingsfission the energy that comes from the fusion of hydrogen atoms nuclear fusion3 a type of music which mixes jazz with other types of music, especially rock fuse2
Examples from the Corpus
fusionThe use of light isotopes in a fusion reactor has been under experimental study since the 1950s.The film is a fusion of history and contemporary events.His philosophy is a fusion of intellect and spiritual belief.The Cherry Blossom restaurant serves a fusion of Japanese and Californian cooking.The result was at its best the perfect fusion of continuity and change.Lloyd George would propose fusion to his Liberal supporters, and Bonar Law would follow suit on the next day.The spark was supposed to ignite the fusion reaction or miniature thermonuclear explosion.Unfortunately some of these failings pervaded part of the test-tube fusion story of 1989.