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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishkineticki‧net‧ic /kɪˈnetɪk, kaɪ-/ adjective technical  HPMOVE/CHANGE POSITIONrelating to movement kinetic energy
Examples from the Corpus
kineticIn animals walking on force plates, there is a steady exchange of kinetic and gravitational energies.This would lead into a study of kinetic and potential energy.Meteor Crater in Arizona was excavated 10 4 yr ago by an iron object with a kinetic energy of 15Mton.Impact explosions begin with the nearly instantaneous conversion of the kinetic energy of motion of the impactor into heat.The kinetic energy, or energy of motion, of the ship has been exchanged for strain energy in the rope.Our apartment was generating serious energy, shifting from its usual somnambulism to a flushed and slightly kinetic mode.It is well known in kinetic theory that reaction rates Increase rapidly with increases in temperature.The dynamic nature of phase equilibria can be understood by considering them in the light of the kinetic theory.